mudbrick media studios aerial shot

MudBrick Media Studio is located on the gulf coast in Mobile, AL.

Established in 2005, MudBrick Media evolved quickly and by 2008 we had built and moved into a brand new, state of the art production facility.

MudBrick Media Studios is recognized as one of the premier production studios on the gulf coast.

mudbrick media studios sound stage

MudBrick Media Studio sound stage is two stories tall and nearly 5000 square feet.

Our green screen is 88 feet wide and 16 feet tall, covering two walls.

In addition MudBrick Media Studios has a concert stage, designed for superb acoustics, complete with robotic cameras, and sound and lighting boards.

cassiopeia project on itunes

MudBrick Media's first major milestone was the production of over 100 science videos, referred to as the Cassiopeia Project.

The videos use a combination of CG graphics, animation and live action footage to explain a wide-array of science topics from Biology to Quantum Mechanics.

In 2008, the Cassiopeia Project published all of it's science videos to iTunes U, free for anyone to download.

mudbrick media studios sound stage

Cassiopeia Projects science videos were one of the top downloads in iTunes U, and select vidoes have been featured on Apple products displayed in their retail stores.

Our videos have also appeared in nationally broadcast science programs produced by BBC and National Geograhpic.

Check out the Cassioepeia Project web site to learn more!

mudbrick music videos rhonda hart

In 2009 MudBrick began producing music videos featuring independent artists in the gulf coast. By 2010 we had produced over 200 music videos for more than 40 artists.

All videos are available for sale on iTunes and our music video web site.

MudBrick hosted many of the artists on it's concert stage and also produced two broadcast TV series featuring our music video artists and their live performances.

mudbrick media studios counter-clockwise production

In 2011 MudBrick produced it's first full length feature film, Counter-Clockwise.

Soon after, work on the second movie, Skyhook, commenced. Both movies use real world science as the back drop together with good old fashion story-telling and action/adventure to create a genre we like to refer to as "Science Faction".

mudbrick media studios skyhook production

Next up and currently in Production is The Phoenix Rises.

The Phoenix Rises our most ambitious project to date, is a sequel to SkyHook and the second in a trilogy, highlighting the adventures of the ShyHook team of scientists.

mudbrick media studios counter-clockwise production

With each new feature film comes a siginificant upgrade in production value, which translates to bigger budgets, larger cast and crew and an accompanying boost to the Alabama film industry and positive economic impact.

MudBrick Media Studios is making it's mark on the Alabama film industry and great plans lie ahead.

Stay-tuned for future updates!